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GROUP EXHIBITION 'Bubalus bubalis 14hz-40,000hz', Breath(e): Toward Climate and Social Justice”, Hammer Museum,
Los Angeles, USA
September 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION 'What is it like to be a (virtual) bat? Phase 3, Media City Seoul Pre-Biennle, Seoul, South Korea
July 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Bubalus Bubalis 14-40,000hz', Really? Art and Knowledge in Crisis, Framer Framed, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Nostalgia Machines', Foreverism, Ilmin Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
April 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION 'The Master Algorithm Redux', Poetics of Encryption, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

February 17th 2024-May 26th 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Buitenzorg Criollo', Asian Cocoa Project, Nguyen Foundation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
February 2024

PUBLIC ART 'Beyond the Noosphere', Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong
December 15th 2023-December 15th 2024

ONLINE PROJECT 'The Master Algorithm Redux', Poetics of Encryption, KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany
October 2023

BIENNALE 'Soil Space' at Helsinki Biennale, Finland

SOLO EXHIBITON 'What is it like to be a (virtual) bat?', PHD GROUP, Hong Kong
September 2023

ONLINE PROJECT 'The Green Crab: A Virtual Diagram of Auspicious Spatial Organization', Open Systems, Singapore Museum of Art
June 2023-August

GROUP EXHIBITION 'What is it like to be a bat?' at Kunsthalle Mainz, Germany. With Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Metahaven, Jenna Sutela, Zheng Mahler. Curated by Yasmine Afschar 

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Multispecies Clouds' at Macalline Art Centre, Beijing, China

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Liquid Ground', UCCA Dune, Beidehai, China
2022.9.18 - 2023.2.5

PUBLIC ART 'The Green Crab' in LONELY VECTORS, Singapore Museum of Art (SAM)
Janaury-August 2022

ONLINE PROJECT 'What is it like to be a (virtual) bat?', ARE YOU FOR REAL? online platform, supported by Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA) 
Janaury-December 2022

GROUP EXHIBITION 'The Master Algorithm', in RATS! RATS! RATS! THE POETIC GRAMMAR OF THE HACK, CaixaForum, Barcelona, Spain
10th March -19 June 2022

09. April 2022 - 31. July 2022

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Rendering' at PHD GROUP, Hong Kong
January 23-March 15 2022

GROUP EXHIBITION 'The Master Algorithm' in EURASIA: A LANDSCAPE OF MUTALBILITY at the M HKA, Antwerp, Belgium
9th October 2021-23rd January 2022

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Liquid Ground', Parasite, Hong Kong, 2021
August 13th-November 13th 2021

GROUP EXHIBIITON 'The Master Algorithm' in ADORABLE BIG BROTHER at the Asian Culture Centre, Gwangju, Korea
August 2021

GROUP EXHIBITION 'The Master Algorithm' in DRIFTS Festival at the Museum for Impossible Forms, Helsinki, Finland

April 2021

TALK 'Let's Talk Labels' as part of the LABELLING MATTERS PROJECT at the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford University, UK
February 10th 

BIENNALE 'A Season in Shell' in Bodies of Water, Shanghai Biennale XIII,  2021

WORKSHOP 'Technology and its Discontents' moderated by Xiaoyu Weng and You Mi with Moreshin Allahyari, Choy Ka Fei and Pedro Jose Ramirez at the Guggenheim Museum, New York

PROFILE 'Zheng Mahler: The Tides of Time' Art Asia Pacific, Issue 120, Sep/Oct 2020


EXHIBITION 'SCI-(NO)-FI at Art Plant Asia, Deoksugung Temple, Seoul, South Korea

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Analogue for Digital' Krings-Ernst Gallery, Cologne, Germany

July 2020

GROUP EXHIBITION 'Next Act' at Asia Society, Hong Kong, March-July, 2020

DISCUSSION 'The Map of Psychedelic Asia' discussion between Royce Ng, Gordon Mathews, Beatrix Pang and Mildred Cheng moderated by Hera Chan at BOOKED Tai Kwun book fair, Hong Kong Saturday 18th January, 3:30pm, 2020

REVIEW 'In a Year of No Future: Cyberpunk at Hong Kong’s Tai Kwun' by Emily Verna Bovino in Ocula, 22nd November 2019

PRESS 'Artist Duo Zheng Mahler Studies Architectural Utopia via Cyberpunk Anthropology' by Jeppe Ugelvig in PINUP 27, Fall/Winter 2019

 EXHIBITION   'Sleeping with a Vengence, Dreaming of a Life', at Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany

19th October 2019 - 20th January 2020

GROUP EXHIBITION   'Phantom Plane: Cyberpunk in the Year of the Future', Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong

4th October 2019 - 5th January 2020

GROUP EXHIBITION   'SCI-(NO)-FI', with Swooding Architects and Andreas Niegl at Akedemie der Kunst der Welt, Cologne, Germany

29th September - 15th December 2019

BOOK LAUNCH   'Psychedelics and Technics' by Zheng Mahler with contributions by Kat Lo, Gordon Mathews, Rich Whittle, Royce Ng and Chantal Wong published by Small Tune Press with generous support from Eaton HK. 

TALK 'A Practice Theory of Entanglement (Or How Zheng Mahler Met “The Bull”'-Lecture by Dr. Sophia Prinz at the Centre for Transnational Studies, Berlin, Germany

5pm 13th May 2019

GROUP EXHIBITION   'The Mountains are High and the Emperor is Far Away', in Metageography at Zarya Museum of Art, Vladivostok, Russia 
10th June - 10th September, 2018 

GROUP EXHIBITION Sleeping with a Vengeance at Insitute for Provocation, Beijing, China 
October 7 - November 1, 2018 

GROUP EXHIBITION   'Dimenthyltriptamine', in Sleeping with a Vengeance at Litost Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic 
31st August - 28th September, 2018 


TALK 'Trading Zones: working with the camera at the interface between art and ethnography' artist lecture at Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. June 6th, 2018

GROUP EXHIBITION   'A Prison View of Banyan and Neon'', in Rehearsal at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Old Bailey Gallery's Hong Kong
March 25th-April 15th 2018 

SCREENING   'Deep Water' 3D, AFI Screenings, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK 
December 5th 2017-January 28th 2018 

TALK  'The Mountains are High and the Emperor is Far Away', Black Book Fair, School of Visual Art, Hong Kong
November 18th 2017 


REVIEW   'Stowaway artist turn life on the ocean into art', CNN Online 
February 13th 2017 

ART FAIR   Zheng Mahler 'Deep Water', YCC Booth, Art Central, Hong Kong
March 21-25 2017 

REVIEW   Zheng Mahler 'Holy Motors', Billy Tang, L'Officiel, Paris, 
No. 20, 2016-2017 

GROUP EXHIBITION   Zheng Mahler A Season in Shell, 'Creative Operational Solutions' @ Para Site, Hong Kong 
December 10th 2016-February 29th 2017 

JOURNAL   Zheng Mahler Fragments of an Archive in 'Brand New Life: Magazin für Kunstkritik'
20th October 2016 

SOLO EXHIBITION   Zheng Mahler, Deep Water @ Holy Motors, 195 Lai Chi Kok Rd, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong 
14th September-13th October 2016 

GROUP EXHIBITION   Zheng Mahler, A Season in Shell (2013-2016), 'Suzhou Documents', Suzhou Museum of Art, Suzhou, China 
21st August-21st October 2016 

GROUP EXHIBITION   Zheng Mahler, Mutual Aid, 'The Transcultural Classroom' @ Museum fur Kunst und Gerwerbe Hamburg, Germany 
October 6th 2016--> 2018 

SOLO EXHIBITION   Zheng Mahler, Mutual Aid @ Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich. Switzerland 
14th July-29th October 2016 

REVIEW   Zheng Mahler, Mutual Aid by Roife Rosenmeyer Frieze Magazine 27 July, 2016 

CONFERENCE   Zheng Mahler, Artur Zmijewski, Ursula Biemann, Was ist Kritik? @ Zurich University of the Arts, Zurich 
1st-2nd April 2016 

PERFORMANCE   Zheng Mahler, newyorkpostetprefiguratif (Before and After New York) @ PERFORMA 15, New Visual Arts Performance Biennale, New York 
12th-14th November 2015

PROFILE   'Zheng Mahler', Aperture Magazine, 221, Winter 2015, pp. 112-117 

REVIEW   'Roger Buergel, director of the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich, on "A Season in Shell"', Spike Art Quarterly, Spring 2015, pp. 38-40 

CONFERENCE   Zheng Mahler, Peter Osborne, Adrienne Edwards, Roger M. Buergel et al. When the Present Begins @ Rietsberg Museum, Zurich 
10th-11th October 2014 

SOLO EXHIBITION   Zheng Mahler, A Season in Shell @ Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
21st January-8th April 2014 

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Zheng Mahler are artist Royce Ng and anthropologist Daisy Bisenieks’s collaborative examination of global trade, the relational networks connecting nature and technology and more-than-human geographies, exploring their flows of mutual influence and the environmental architectures they produce. Utilising digital media, performance and installation they develop  speculative scenarios and immersive, sensory encounters that explore the limits and potentials of their respective disciplines. Together they have exhibited, performed and participated in numerous art spaces, institutions and residencies, working alongside various communities in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.

Zheng Mahler work with Property Holdings Development Group in Hong Kong


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