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2011, Nomads on Vacation: a musical in seven parts, performance 


w/ Park Soyoung, Yerim Yang, Kim Min Cho, Hwang Daho, Song Ga Yeon, Jeong Soo Yin, Lee Chang Seok, Kim Hyun Woo, Song Hyejin, Kim Jin Sung, Lee Gwang Hoon, Park Seol, Lee Seung Il, Tassika Mean J, Kim Yeichi, John Bartley


'Nomads on Vacation: a musical in seven parts' is a community based performance created by Royce Ng and Daisy Bisenieks performed at Kunsthalle Gwangju. It is a site-specific work structured as an imaginary conference convened to discuss the past, present and future of the Asian Culture Complex (ACC) in Gwangju, South Korea. After writing a series of texts based on their research into the ACC, we invited young, non-professional and first time performers from the Gwangju public to creatively interpret our ideas into a performance which incorporates elements of amateur theatre, the musical and science-fiction to raise questions and create public discussion about the ACC.


Nomads on Vacation: a musical in seven parts


Topic 1: A Man and His Lamp


Topic 2: A History of South Korean Political Economy 1961-1979


Topic 3: A Conversation between the Building and its Architect


Topic 4: The Wheeled Wooden Horse


Topic 5: From Counter-Cultures to Kitchen Counters

or Steve Jobs was a Hippy.


Topic 6: The Democratic Impulse Embedded Within the

Creative Class or ‘the Central Party Committee is really into

Richard Florida’


Topic 7: Wish you were here! Notes from a Nomadic Cyborg Community


The woman who lived and died many times. Part 1.

Kim Swoo Guen

Kyu Sung Woo

Asia Culture Complex

The Namyeong-dong detatched office of the National Police Headquarters in Seoul

Steve Jobs

-Steve Jobs as hippie

-Steve Jobs in India

-Steve Jobs after being fired from Apple

-Steve Jobs returning to Apple

The woman who lived and died many times. Part 2. (Ai Wei Wei)

Nomadic Cyborg Artists

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